How Schools Should Pivot for a Post-Coronavirus World

The world has more to teach than the classroom and it always will, but the classroom must be the place to teach students how to extract and absorb the lessons of the world. While the role of delivering knowledge may no longer primarily belong to schools, the opportunity to facilitate each student’s interaction with his or her forever-evolving environment is paramount.

The Importance of Inspiring Educational Spaces

As more schools continue to modernize and update their learning environments, transitioning to 21st century spaces can sometimes be a tall order to ask of our instructors.

PK-8 Enrollments Projected to Grow by 1 Million Students!

When enrollments grow so do sales of education-related products and services. The challenge we face over the next seven years is in developing marketing plans that take advantage of those schools and districts that have the combination of enrollment growth and fiscal resources.

Get to Know Bill Singhaus

My advice to others throughout my career has been to always seek the hard answer. It’s what differentiates us from those satisfied to give the quick, easy answer. In times like what we are all experiencing now, let’s all embrace the hard answers.

Global Pandemic Inspires Exclusive Collaboration

The global health crisis is unprecedented and has required all of us to modify our normal practices. EDmarket is proud to team up with the Amos Group and SchoolBondNetwork to create the EDcommunity platform as a communication bridge.

Today’s Schools: So Much More Than Educating Youth

In an everchanging world, we must be sure that we are making adjustments that help our students flourish and our communities thrive. Many of today’s school boards, superintendents, administrators, and principals are looking at our schools with a shift in mindset that is making a difference.

From Strategic Plan to Master Plan, Part 1:10 Essentials to Know Before You Start

Master plans take patience, determination, and much hard work. However, they are sound investments that can pay back huge dividends in the clarity of purpose that they provide for guiding the well-informed allocation of future resources.

A Positive Tomorrow for Homeless Children in Oklahoma City

While the students haven’t been in the space for a year yet, the Positive Tomorrows staff have already noticed a difference. In the old school, students stayed about 60 days before leaving. Now, they’re staying 100 days. Education Director Amy Brewer said that while it might be the building that’s helped with this, she think it’s more that everyone is working together better, because there’s room to do so.

Supporting International Schools During Coronavirus Shutdowns

Never before has there been such a demand for new solutions that are easy to learn, well supported, deliver assessment protocol and that can engage both students and parents effectively.

Managing Personality Styles Through a Crisis

With different personality styles in the workplace, we can expect people to react in different ways when it comes to dealing with a crisis. While you can’t change someone’s initial response to a crisis, you CAN help them navigate through it with less stress and reduced conflict, while staying productive, engaged and positive.

Teaching Under Quarantine An Educator’s Guide to Virtual Transitions

As shelter-in-place and stay-at home orders continue to shutter schools across the country, many educators are taking innovative approaches to ensure a continuity of learning for their students, who are confined to home quarantines.