The Open Building MovementThe Significance for 21st Century Learning Environments

The Council on Open Building advocates strategically designed schools that will stand the test of time. 21st Century school facilities should be designed to accommodate changing pedagogies, shifting demographics and even changing uses and ownership. Our school facilities, both new and old, need simultaneously to be permanent anchors of stability and agents of change.

Designing for Success The Benefits of Incorporating Biophilia into Educational Institution

During the week, children and teenagers spend a large portion of their day in an educational facility. What is the responsibility of that facility to enhance student wellbeing? While schools provide the framework in which students begin to experience expansive psychological and emotional growth, a poorly designed built environment can hinder this growth. Now, we […]

Meet Your EDmarket 2020 Chair

It has been a wonderful opportunity to serve on the board and there is excellent camaraderie. I’m excited about our ability to strategically adapt and change the model of our association in order to respond to the way that the business of education is being conducted.

Creating a Sale Flyer or Catalog? Set the Expiration Date to Capture Purchase Order Funds

An often-overlooked aspect of having a sale is the expiration date — the date when the sale ends. Sales need to have expiration dates. That is what makes them a sale. When there is no expiration date then the sale price becomes the regular price. After a few promotions, no one is motivated to see what is on sale because there is no sale, just the claim of a sale.

Redesigning Essentials Magazine for a Digital WorldWelcome to the Inaugural Web‑based Issue!

EDmarket is excited to launch this inaugural web-based issue of Essentials Magazine. We believe our reputation is defined by our published content. We also believe our success is defined by the audience we reach who utilize this information to improve their businesses, professional practices and ultimately the ability for student to learn and educators to teach.

Trends and Opportunities for Modern Media Centers

Design and functionality of a school have a significant impact on the learning experience. No space offers an opportunity to incorporate modern learning styles better than the media center, already the most adaptive space in any school facility. When learning outpaces design, schools and districts face the challenge of sufficiently adapting to accommodate all students. […]

The 4 A’s of Innovative Learning Space Design Start with the Pedagogy

As the next prototype of innovative learning spaces gets started, it is hoped that the design community will recognize and then build to support the 4 A’s of the work of pedagogy, and provide a space for gathering that will offer the opportunity to build a culture for that community.

How Buildings Teach Kindness — Social Emotional Learning Across Generations in Neuroscience and Architecture

Neuroscience data shows that social emotional learning and relationship building is the core to healthy and happy learning for all generations. Research from the neurosciences has greatly improved our understanding of how architecture shapes behavior, how multisensory experiences create meaning essential for learning, and how architectural space and form express emotions that can enhance or impede social interaction.

How to Design Learning Spaces Supporting 21st Century Workforce Competencies

It’s time to take a hard look at what today’s companies in the global economy are demanding of its workforce, and put a full-court press on designing the learning environments that will help students and educators keep these critical skills at the forefront of every day learning.

EDspaces 2019 Breaks Attendance Records

Attendee registration at EDspaces 2019 in Milwaukee, WI, last month was up 16% over the prior year as school and college decision makers and influencers gathered to collaborate on building the best learning environments.