Using Story-Driven Facility Design to Engage Users and Inspire Transformation

Taking the time to create story-driven design solutions for schools helps to drive buy-in, consensus, and engagement for all stakeholders, leading to more efficiency in the design and construction processes. It solidifies a sense of pride in place and community for every student. In the case of an underserved student population, this can prove to be an immense catalyst, aiding transdisciplinary abilities and pathways to success, where education and development coincide.

Blueprint for Learning – Spotlight: Pittsburgh, PA, Home of EDspaces 2021

In 2019, Reimagine America’s Schools partnered with Pittsburgh-based Remake Learning to host the Blueprint for Learning grant program. Through this program, sixteen organizations and agencies in the western Pennsylvania region each received a $50,000 grant to redesign a portion of their space in support of Active Learning, Learner-Centered, and Next Generation learning initiatives.

Outside Insight:Creating Outdoor Learning Environments that Work

Creating an outdoor learning space is simpler than most think and educators will see the return on this creative investment quickly. After spending the last year mostly indoors, isolated, and in front of a screen, it’s more evident now than ever that young students crave connectedness with the natural world.

Let’s Get CreativeFocus on the benefits of your product or service

Together, copy and design represent the resources available to us to communicate our products and services through direct mail and email. A good designer can make a copywriter appear brilliant, and vice versa.

Meet Brian Basanda

Meet Brian Basanda, Dealer Principal at Brezach Solutions Inc. Read Brian view on the impact we have on the continued growth and success of the younger generation by creating inspiring and engaging spaces.

Empowering Learning Through Innovation

At EDspaces 2021 EDmarket is launching the Patent Recognition Program to celebrate these innovative companies and make sure those who are developing the ideas of the future are recognized for their investment, ingenuity, and commitment to student success.

EDproducts Gallery

See what’s new for the coming school year by visiting the EDproduct Gallery. EDspaces attendees (purchasing officials, superintendents, architects, facility planners and distributors) use this special section to preview hot products they will see at the event and to reach out for more information.

Designing with Empathy

Integrating wellness-focused insights from research in education and the behavioral and brain sciences and mapping meaningful connections between research-based principles to designing learning spaces can help us support mental and emotional health in educational facilities.

Why Inclusive Design Matters

Campuses are unique in the important role they play in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment outside the classroom, particularly for those who have been historically underserved. A participatory and engaging design process gives everyone a voice — an opportunity to shape their future facilities.

Can Public-Private Partnerships Work in K-12?We believe the answer is “yes” — but a P3 is not the right answer for every district

As K-12 school districts around the country spent this past summer working tirelessly to get their facilities ready for the new year and welcoming students back after a tumultuous 2020-21, a series of groundbreakings took place in a suburban Maryland county outside of Washington, DC that could be viewed as “groundbreaking.”

Designing Spaces With Social Health in Mind

Educational spaces present a unique opportunity to improve the social health of people who use them. When spaces are designed with social health in mind, people can interact effortlessly with each other and the space. The space is prepared for anyone at any stage of life, from parents with infants through elders.

Accomplishing More Without Building MoreCreating Effective Learning Spaces in Existing Buildings

As education evolves to meet the demands of the twenty-first century, changes in pedagogy are driving changes in facilities for teaching at all grade levels, as well as in the infrastructure systems which support learning. While a new building can offer the opportunity for a custom-tailored institutional fit, existing campus buildings are valuable resources and the benefits of renewing an existing structure often outweigh those of new construction.

Keys to Digitally Liberating Students Globally

Now is the time to digitally update your classrooms, with devices that are as versatile as the students who use them. Digitally liberating their students is one of the keys to building stronger communities and creating a generation that will thrive.

5 Steps for Selecting Highly Productive Sales Reps

Education market companies can have the best products imaginable, but unless they have highly productive Sales Reps, the companies make no money. This underlines the super-importance of your education market company selecting job applicants who become “Superstar” Sales Reps, that is, they are both highly productive and low turnover. Unfortunately, a lot of education market companies hire Sales Reps who produce only average or below-average sales results!