Learning Happens Everywhere: Designing An Agency-Rich Learning Environment

Now that we’re over 20 years into this new century and a couple of years into the AI-driven innovation economy, it’s time for all youth worldwide to have access to leadership opportunities and community-connected challenges. It’s the best chance we have of enabling them to contribute to a vibrant planet that they can leave for their kids.

Welcome to our Neighborhood: North Kansas City Schools Early Education Center

A space that was once a vacant Hobby Lobby and Price Chopper retail complex is now the catalyst to unlocking the joy of learning for nearly 1,000 North Kansas City preschool students. This was made possible through a collaborative process that prioritized the student and educator experience and the community investment made in early childhood education.

EDproducts Gallery

See what’s new for the coming school year by visiting the EDproducts Gallery. Check out the latest innovations from top EDspaces 2023 exhibitors and add these companies to your "must visit" list of manufacturers.

Designing a Space to Drive Innovation

How do educators prepare students to work in the innovative, dynamic, and evolving 21st century work environment when most of our classes are held in traditional front-facing classrooms designed for 20th century learning? This is the story of Oregon Tech’s journey to design and build an entrepreneurial classroom and lab to support the development of innovative skills among higher education students. 

"Dr. Lennie" Honored for Lifetime Achievement2023 David McCurrach Distinguished Service Award Winner

EDmarket is pleased to award one of the two David McCurrach Distinguished Service Awards to Dr. Lennie Scott-Webber. Get inspired by Dr. Lennie's life's work that culminated with EDmarket's Certified Learning Place Specialist (ECLPS) program.

EDmarket’s NexGen Super Stars Shine

EDmarket is very excited to recognize this amazing first cohort of NexGen Rising Stars. We look forward to continuing this new program into the future. It is an essential opportunity for us to foster talent and drive innovation, ensuring continuity, promoting diversity, and maintaining a competitive edge in today's dynamic and evolving world.

Meet Industry Legend Kathy Hurley2023 David McCurrach Distinguished Service Award Winner

EDmarket is pleased to award one of the two David McCurrach Distinguished Service Awards to Kathy Hurley, a legend in the educational publishing and technology world. Read on to find out just what makes Kathy a treasure to the education market.

Member Road Trippin’ in the Carolinas  Blue Ridge Mountains, BBQ, breweries, and friendly faces during member visits

EDmarket's Kelly Fisher and Heather Tuley went on a member road trip to the Carolinas and experienced genuine southern hospitality — hearing many “bless your hearts” (but in a good way … we think)! Kidding aside, our members are the real deal, and we loved catching up with them and touring their showrooms. 

Communities of Care: Reimagined Design Processes for Student Safety & Belonging

As educators embrace restorative practices to reduce zero-tolerance policies and harmful student policing in schools, architects and designers must also align our design processes with restorative, relationship-centered methods that give diverse school communities the opportunity to define what safe space means to them.

Designing School Spaces with Safety & Security in Mind

Every day, millions of students across the country go to school, hoping to gain an education, make friends and prepare for their future. Schools should be safe places to explore, learn and engage. However, the reality is that schools today are faced with a heightened need to keep students safe from threats that may arise, internally and externally.

The Teacher Workforce Has Changed. Is Your Marketing Keeping Up?

Products and services that keep students engaged improve learning and help teachers teach. Our challenge is to find new ways to describe the benefits of our products and services including how they help teachers be more effective.

Beyond LEED: Maximizing Sustainability in K-12 Spaces

Although obtaining LEED certification is commendable in K-12 design, it’s imperative that we surpass this standard to address the distinctive challenges and untapped potential within each classroom. To do so, we must wholeheartedly embrace the concept of holistic sustainability. This involves continuous education, community engagement, innovation and a long-term vision that empowers schools to evolve into resilient, flexible and inspiring learning environments that stand the test of time.

StingerStudio: Offering the Maker Education Our Students Deserve

We think of libraries as being in the book business, but in reality, libraries are in the business of thinking, learning, and doing. With this ethos in mind, the Sacramento State University Library planned and affordably built StingerStudio, a brand-new makerspace that encourages our students to develop new skills, solve complex problems, and discover real-world solutions.

Inclusive Learning Environments Essential to Relieving the School Mental Health Crisis

Imagine everyone in the building equipped with the tools and skills to manage themselves, respond well to others, and work better together. Ultimately, we build a more peaceful, thriving school culture this way and shifts the responsibility of student mental health from just a few professionals in the building to everyone.