From Vision to Standards:How Research Informed Furniture Design Selections at Addison School District 4

In fall of 2018, we began a journey to transform Addison School District 4’s learning spaces. Traditional furniture pieces did not align with the district’s vision to provide an innovative learning environment that empowered students. The goal was to revolutionize the classrooms to be flexible so that students could engage in collaborative, rigorous, and relevant learning opportunities.

BrainSensing: Understanding the Brain's Activity in the Immersive Learningscape – PART 1

It is our responsibility as designers to incorporate the latest research in Brain Science in the way we discuss educational experiences in the projects we do with our clients and how we design learning environments. Understanding that each student is different and each one requires a different strategy to facilitate an optimal learning experience is imperative to their success.

Manufacturing Innovation in Learning Spaces The secret sauce of interdisciplinary designs

Investing in approaches of this nature will pay dividends. To the extent education can learn from the best practices of other fields, future generations will be better prepared to join those fields.

Meet Your 2021 EDmarket Board Chair: Lee Stapp

Lee Stapp's advice to the education market: "Embrace change and invest in your own destiny. My company’s original investment in EDmarket changed our destiny. Our continued investment will help us into the future. We need to know what you want from the association. We will be asking for an investment of your time and thoughtfulness. Please help us build the association you want and need."

The Art of CopywritingHOW is Just as Important as WHAT You Say

The challenge for copywriters today is greater than it has ever been in history. There are too many media all competing for our time and interest. Copywriters succeed when they seduce readership, surprise a reader, or when their message says to the reader “this is about you”.

EDmarket Leverages Sale of EDspaces to Continue Service to Industry

As part of the Asset Purchase Agreement with Emerald, EDmarket will remain the primary sponsor of EDspaces and still be responsible for the education conference during the show. This agreement has allowed us to recapitalize EDmarket to continue operations and establishes a 20-year sponsorship agreement resulting in an ongoing revenue stream for EDmarket based on the top line revenue of the event.

How to Design Educational Facilities with Future Generations in Mind Support the Next Generation of Climate Activists from the Ground Up

K-12 school districts play a vital role in increasing student awareness of climate change to inspire and foster this next generation of activists who will continue to prioritize attaining a climate fit for life.

Therapeutic Learning Environments: Implications, Applications, Research, and Proof Through Practice

Designing school settings that also include physical attributes that are ‘restorative’ for mental health can enhance wellbeing and increase learning opportunities for children and adolescents.

Foundation for Success – Early Education Environments for the Whole Child

If we want to design environments fit for the needs of today’s youngest of learners, we have to have an intimate understanding of the whole child, as it evolves through continued research and scientific investigation. Only then can we shape the environments that will best support them. It is their interactions, perceptions, and understandings of the world around them that are most strongly influencing their development.

The Garden: A Space of Caring

This is an ideal time for designers, dealers, and educators to lean into partnership around these ideas. Schools need support, ideas, and expertise in these difficult and uncertain times. Business partners need to continue to get into rhythm with the demands and priorities of modern learning especially in the areas of instruction and assessment.

Inspiring a Culture of Collaboration at Canyon View High School

The story of Canyon View High School stems from one simple question posed by DLR Group during the initial planning meeting in 2015: are you here to replicate or innovate? Agua Fria Union High School District leaders, community members, business partners, teachers, and students responded with a resounding desire to innovate.

Classrooms Evolve to Accommodate Problem-Based Learning

Light, color, indoor air quality and flexible furniture are conducive to creating environments that promote health and wellness. These elements are certainly included in the two new schools in Maury County. Battle Creek Elementary and Middle Schools have now been open for two years. Reviews from teachers, administrators, parents and especially the students have been excellent. They love their new schools — not just because they are new and shiny, but because they address the needs of the Problem-Based Learning curriculum for which they were designed.