Creating Space for Student Wellbeing

Motivation, mission, and means were the Town of Weymouth’s springboard for planning and constructing the Maria Weston Chapman Middle School, whose doors opened to 1,470 students in grades 6, 7, and 8 on September 6, 2022. The $164.2 million facility replaced the outdated Chapman School on the same site, and at 252,170 square feet, it is now the largest middle school in Massachusetts.

EDmarket Launches Showcase to Recognize Innovation

Every year at EDmarket manufacturers introduce their new ideas that allow students and educators the opportunity to better perform in the classroom. But when walking around the EDspaces exhibit floor, did you ever wonder which company originated an idea and which ones are copycats? To acknowledge and encourage innovation, EDmarket is proud to announce the launch of a new Patent Showcase that recognizes and promotes companies who are the leaders in the development of impactful educational products and equipment.

Meet Frank Viele

Meet new EDmarket Board member Frank Viele from WB Mason and Company. "There comes a point when working in this space where you realize that there is a bigger picture and that the products you sell and the spaces you assist in creating can significantly impact the lives of the learners that get to use it."

What’s in a Logo?

As EDmarket implements the Board’s revitalized mission to become the industry thought leader exploring the intersection of pedagogy, space and technology and the impact on student success, EDmarket has refreshed our brand. This update will easily help all relate to and understand what EDmarket is about as we “Discover. Inspire. Connect.”

Let’s Go Sale-ing!

Creating a successful sale flyer is an art honed by consumer marketers over many years. You can enhance your sales by adapting this proven media to the education market.

EDproducts Gallery

See what’s new for the coming school year by visiting the EDproduct Gallery. EDspaces attendees (purchasing officials, superintendents, architects, facility planners and distributors) use this special section to preview hot products they will see at the event and to reach out for more information.

Oregon Tech’s Innovative Approach to Growing Active Learning Spaces

The Center for Excellence in Engineering and Technology (CEET) at Oregon Tech is an example of an innovative learner-focused environment demonstrating how space and design together influence the learning outcomes. As Oregon Tech’s newest construction, CEET is 70,000 square feet of active learning classrooms and laboratories for students to learn, collaborate, and experiment while immersed in a forward-thinking and entrepreneurial culture.

How Makerspace Can Foster Community, Inclusion & Belonging in 21st Century Classrooms

Designing a space where all students feel they belong has the potential to restore hope in building communities that foster relationships between all people by learning to have conversation across differences. When students can commit to a space that invites their own full self and where they feel valued, then they can learn how to engage in problem solving strategies through projects that matter to them.

Design, Ecology, and a Flourishing Planet

A perspective that views good design as something that must be both beautiful and just is essential to delivering human rights, essential services, and the spaces that will build a better world. This is restorative practice. Educational spaces have a large role to play in this process, by inspiring the next generation of community leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs and activists.

By Students, For Students: Reimagining the Middle School Experience

With Gardiner Middle School, Oregon City School District prioritized research, collaboration, and innovation to reimagine the middle school experience. Together, District leaders and educators embraced a foundational commitment to deeper learning and project-based curriculum, as well as a central promise to champion student voice. The culmination of this transformational effort is so much more than just a building; it represents the District's genuine commitment to students and the entire Oregon City community.