Navigating What’s Next for Post-COVID Learning Spaces

There is deep uncertainty around what the landscape of education will be in a post-COVID world. In the short term, schools are trudging their way through the school year, trying to find the safest way to ensure learning still takes place but it is really hard right now, where each new week seems to bring new challenges. In the longer term, COVID-19 brightly illuminated the need for new approaches, models and solutions.

EDspaces Thought Leader Spotlight: Pandemic Ushers in Dramatic Changes in Education

We asked educational facility experts, some of whom are presenting at the EDspaces 2020 Digital Experience, November 10-12, 2020, about the adjustments being made to planned construction, pedagogy, learning spaces, and emerging technologies. They share thoughts on future impacts related to planning, design, and campus infrastructure.

Teaching Agency, Resilience, and Curiosity Amid a Global Pandemic

Today, we're experiencing the real-life circumstances that spur agency, resilience and curiosity — the three components of active learning that educators have tried to design school-based learning systems around for decades. The world is throwing all sorts of challenges at us. There's nothing we can do but embrace them. We'll be better learners — and human beings — for it.

EDspaces Goes Digital!Get All Your Professional Development, Networking & Product Research in One Place

Unlike most events which have shifted to a virtual environment by just duplicating the schedule online with webinars, we remain focused on creating an experience that will engage our attendees and exhibitors while providing the content and connections that make EDspaces one of the fastest growing events in the world.

Meet Deborah KerrA Bold Champion for Education

Get to know Deb Kerr, a champion for equity with a vision in closing achievement gaps, a passionate advocate of character education, and a promoter of strengths-based pathways for all students through community partnerships.

Remote Esports Present New Opportunities for Education

Higher education and K-12 schools are all learning how to deploy esports and leverage not just the prestige of an award-winning team, but the enrollment benefits making a school more attractive and differentiated to other options available to scholars.

Guardrails to Help Meet the Challenge of School Re-Openings

It is difficult to appreciate now, but the COVID era is a catalyst to promote and expedite action toward new, healthier ways of the future and toward solving underlying difficulties within our educational systems, our communities, and our society.

Bringing AgTech into Food Service & Classrooms The Menasha Area Joint District invests in innovation solution for leafy greens and classroom learning

Ensuring kids have access to healthy, fresh school food is crucial to developing healthy habits. More than 30 million American children eat school lunch every day during the school year and the eating habits and food values they learn while in K-12 academic settings will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Play – A Child’s Most Serious Work

Integrating the child’s perspective into creating educational experiences meaningful for both children and adults, where the children’s wishes, demands, curiosities and hypotheses drive the field of knowledge for children casts a new light on the importance of a child-centered design approach to play.

EDproducts Gallery

See what’s new for the coming school year by visiting the EDproduct Gallery. EDspaces attendees (purchasing officials, superintendents, architects, facility planners and distributors) use this special section to preview hot products they will see at the event and to reach out for more information.

School Marketers Anticipate ComebackCoping with COVID-19

You have the opportunity to show that you care by making special offers to this audience. Offers can take numerous forms. Discounts are first to come to mind, but free trials and extensions of credit are also a way to provide incentives to a purchasing process that requires consensus and approvals. While these offers can be risky with prospects that risk is greatly reduced when making such offers to customers who have a history of making payments.

Back to School: What Does 2020-2021 Look Like?

This coming school year promises to be unlike any other before it. With luck (and proper planning), it will be unlike any after it. While the future remains unwritten, here are some of the predictions and trends we foresee in American education this upcoming school year.