Why the Y? Community Partnership in a Next Generation High School

The collaborative partnership is a success and brings both the school and the YMCA unique programmatic elements that could not have been realized if not co-located. The students are thriving in spaces that support real-life learning experiences, including those that collaborate with the YMCA itself.

Behind the Scenes: ­­The Strategic Transformation of K-12 School Procurement

Many school leaders are making due with systems that are not customized or targeted to their particular needs. There are significant opportunities in this space for better tools that target the needs of K-12 procurement. Generative A.I. has enormous potential for easing the work of school leaders by providing support for tracking, synthesizing, and analyzing data to help improve and streamline procurement activities.

Congratulations to the Inaugural ECLPS Grads! 

In June 2024 the first cohort of graduates completed the EDmarket Certified Learning Place Specialist (ECLPS) program earning the prestigious ECLPS credential. These trailblazing individuals each demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their professional development, tirelessly working through rigorous coursework, in person dialog, and challenging assessments.

Meet Kristen Urban, Wood Designs

"Revolutionary types of technologies will likely shift the way education is handled and which will of course have an impact on the educational products marketplace," says Kristen Urban. "We all need EDmarket staying on the leading edge and providing good educational tools for the membership on this and other trends."

The 12-Week Commitment

The 12-Week Commitment underscores the critical need for thorough planning, effective management, and precise execution in educational construction projects to ensure minimal disruption to the school year and to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Buildings with a Focus on Wellness

When contemplating your next construction project, prioritize the physical and mental health of your students and staff. Increasing the level of focus and intentionality on health can lead to reduced absenteeism, improved cognitive function, enhanced morale, and much more. Take the initiative in constructing a school that consistently promotes wellness!

Designing Together: Leveraging Collaborative Design Thinking in Planning Education Spaces

The Empathize-Define-Ideate workshop is a versatile tool that the design team can seamlessly replicate in any community-centered project. By engaging stakeholders in a structured, collaborative process, this workshop ensures that the design solutions are deeply rooted in the users' actual needs and aspirations.

What a Staircase Can Teach Us About Designing for Diversity

There are countless ways to design a learning environment that is both inclusive and innovative. K-12 educators know that all students are unique, and neurodiverse students, in particular, have different ways of thinking, communicating, learning, and perceiving the environment. When learning environments are designed with neurodiversity in mind, the results can be incredibly powerful.