A New School is a Narrative: How the Story of Your Building is Written and Revised

As a district, we believe strongly in personalized learning that breaks the outdated industrial model of all students receiving the same teaching at the same time simply and only grouped in same age cohorts. In 2017, with many levels of stakeholder input, we created our Profile of a Graduate (PoG), which began us on a still ongoing journey toward a competency-based education system where Shelby students transition into adulthood not just as fact-memorizers but as critical thinkers, responsible collaborators, effective communicators, lifelong learners, global citizens, and inspired innovators.

Interior Designers Answer Questions That Have Long Stumped Furniture Dealers

By bringing dealers into a project, architects and designers are trusting another party to embrace their vision. The strength of the relationship depends on how challenges are handled. Customer service, knowledgeable representatives, and strong product lines are the foundation. Speed of response and dependability for delivery and lead time expectations are key supporting elements.

Well Spaces Foster Wellbeing: Promoting Wellness Through Spatial Design

As our schools transition into the "next normal" and we return to in-person learning, we have the opportunity to make changes that are aligned with fostering whole-child wellbeing and create cultures that promote healthy behaviors, social connectedness, and mental health for our students. To do this, we must ask ourselves: what resources should our schools invest in to meet the needs of our teachers, students, staff and parents? 

Meet Bryan Ballegeer

Meet new EDmarket Board member Bryan Ballegeer from KI. Learn how Bryan's unique blend of manufacturing and school administration guides his vision for the industry association.

EDmarket Leadership Expands to Reflect Membership

As a result of the new Board of Directors strategic plan developed in 2021, EDmarket leaders approved the addition of three new Councils to amplify all voices within our membership: an Edtech Council, Architect & Design Council, and an Education Institution Council.

A Pandemic Legacy

With the long-term impacts of the pandemic uncertain, NCES made minimal changes to the projection models in favor of consistency. However, population projections reflect a decline in birth rates during the coronavirus pandemic. This will affect projected enrollment levels in years to come.

A School District’s Collaborative Journey to Furniture Standardization A Roadmap for Success

As St. Louis Park Public School District reflects on the effort and solutions for their district-wide building standards and furniture standardization, the outcomes achieved were truly successful in fulfilling the objective to create sustainable and energy-efficient building material standards and ‘future-ready’ ergonomic furniture standards for 21st century classroom design.

Want to Make Your School Construction Project Special? Do the Research.3 ways to incorporate research into the design process to personalize educational settings

When the time comes to start planning for school construction projects, excitement abounds. In many instances, the project offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine a school’s image within the community and create spaces that will inspire student enthusiasm for learning.

Assessing Technology-Enabled FurnitureInformal Learning Spaces

Technology adoption is commonly driven by students and the new use of huddle spaces and informal spaces as learning spaces follows that trend. Despite the same students bringing their own laptops and tablets to those spaces, providing technology-enabled furniture in those informal spaces requires the same attention to detail when reviewing cable connections, equipment mounting, cable routing, field serviceability, and ADA compliance.

The Purchasing Decisions International Schools Make

Supplying beyond borders can create logistics challenges, but may realise significant revenue benefits for some education suppliers. In-country resources and providers are very limited in certain countries and, to remain competitive, many international schools seek out the best in global education resources, relying heavily on online and digital teaching and learning resources, as well as digital solutions for school administration.

The Impact of the Built School Environment on Student Engagement and Learning

At its core, CSFRI is seeking to fund and engage research that would provide empirical data to support what educators know: the built school environment makes a difference in the engagement and learning of students at the K-12 level.

Philanthropic Partnerships that Empower

At Kids In Need Foundation (KINF), we believe every child, no matter where they live, deserves equal opportunity and access to a quality education. To make this vision a reality, we provide school supplies and learning resources to level the playing field in the most underserved schools.