Restoring Community Assets to Empower EducationThe Benefits of Adaptive Reuse in K-12 Design

Breathing new life into outmoded or underutilized buildings, adaptive reuse provides an opportunity to create inspirative learning environments that better cater to students’ evolving needs. Moreover, this sustainable design practice fosters a host of economic, environmental and social perks that simply cannot be ignored.

Designing Music Spaces: Creative Collaboration Leads to Success   

Creating the right spaces for learning, practice, and performance is the challenge for educators seeking to respond to program needs. Knowing where to start, especially when the objective is great-sounding performance and rehearsal spaces, is a universal dilemma. 

Meet Crimson Allen

Meet Crimson Allen, Director of Marketing at Worthington Direct. Her advice: "Always remember the true final product: One which is a flourishing campus that is teaming with engaged students and empowered educators."

Industry Certifications: Potentially Career-Changing Experiences 

Attaining industry certifications can bring several significant career enhancing benefits to professionals in the educational facilities field. Learn more about the top reasons to consider pursuing the EDmarket Certified Learning Place Specialist (ECLPS) professional credential.

Learning by Doing: A look into how to design learning environments suited for unique pedagogies

What happens when the tenets of a unique instructional pedagogy drive an innovative architectural design? This inspiration is behind the design for the new Peck K-8 school in Greensboro, NC. Once constructed, the new Peck K-8 facility will support pedagogy and schoolwide best practices rooted in exploration, curiosity and creativity.

Teacher and Student-Driven Solutions for NextGen Furniture Standards

NextGen furniture solutions allow teachers the freedom to design their lesson plans in a hands-on way. Soft, moveable seating with durable fabric makes it easier for students to work on group projects. Students are also able to use different desks for both group and individual projects, which gives them the freedom to work to their strengths and be more productive.

Designing for Wellness & Inclusivity on College Campuses

With a holistic approach to wellness becoming an increasingly high priority in education, it is important that campus spaces reflect and promote a strong sense of inclusivity and support. In recognition of the impact mental, emotional, and physical health have on an individual’s academic success, educational institutions should strive to foster an environment that prioritizes the wellbeing of its students. This effort can be best supported by intentional space planning and design.

Carbon Savings: A Reason to Renovate

Carbon savings is one of the important reasons that renovating existing school buildings may be preferable to new construction. Many schools have been important fixtures in their communities for decades and can be modernized and transformed for future generations.

Texas Member Road Trippin’

Texas is home to many of our members, so it was a perfect opportunity to take a road trip to visit some of our manufacturers and dealers. With a plan that included some factory and showroom tours along with interviews with the owners, EDmarket team members Heather Tuley and Kelly Fisher set off for our three day journey.

Incorporating Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Recent tragic events have brought renewed attention to how school sites are selected and buildings are constructed. The challenge in both issues is how to balance creating a school that is safe and secure yet is welcoming and promotes a positive learning environment. This need has brought about a renewed interest in CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? Cool Technologies to Improve Energy Efficiency

Cool technologies can lessen the impact of extreme heat and increased outdoor engagement and play opportunities. Using materials that have a high solar reflectance can help reduce the impact of increased temperatures and transform play areas for year round use for kids to enjoy their time outdoors and not return to the classroom exhausted from the heat.