A Collaborative Approach to Early Childhood Learning

Research consistently underscores that children exposed to high-quality early learning experiences exhibit enhanced cognitive abilities, improved academic performance, and greater social and emotional well-being. As they mature into contributing members of society, they bring skills and competencies that can contribute to individual success and enrich their community — a win-win for local businesses and the communities they call home.

Reimagining PK-12 Schools for the 4th Industrial Revolution:A New Programming DNA for Schools

For our nation’s schools to compete internationally, the design language of our public and private schools must be reinvented to reflect the emergence of the 4th Industrial Revolution we are now living in and to give students and teachers alike the tools and learning environments they need to be successful in this new era.

EDmarket Milestones: Let’s Celebrate What Made 2023 Memorable

In an era where education is continually evolving, the Education Market Association (EDmarket) has consistently demonstrated its commitment to driving innovation, fostering excellence, and shaping the future of learning. The successful launch of several groundbreaking programs in 2023 stands as a testament to EDmarket’s dedication to advancing the educational marketplace. Let’s delve into these transformative initiatives that have garnered acclaim and are making a lasting impact.  

Meet Your New EDmarket Chair: Jolene Levin

Meet Jolene Levin, a leading designer and innovator of collaborative learning environments, and the 2024 Chair of the Education Market Association. "Education is the foundation of shaping human perceptions and interactions," says Jolene. "Working and designing within this industry allows us to facilitate the growth and development of people from the very beginning of their lives. Collaborating with learners, educators, schools and districts to implement change is a uniquely fulfilling experience."

Green Procurement Doesn’t Need to be Complicated

It is encouraging to see how schools are taking a holistic approach to climate change; from what is taught to students about environmental issues right through to decision makers in procurement departments using public dollars to make greener purchases.

EDspaces 2023 Breaks All-Time Attendance Records

The educational products marketplace gathered in Charlotte to see the transformative power of well-designed educational spaces. EDspaces provides the optimal platform for collaboration with innovative designers, manufacturers, dealers, architects, and educational leaders and purchasing officials with a common goal of improving the learning environment and increasing student success. These goals are at the very foundation of EDmarket’s mission to represent, connect, and serve professionals who are creating inspiring products, services, and spaces that improve teaching and learning.

Inflation Shouldn’t Wreck Your Construction Budget

Keeping a construction project within budget is nearly always a challenge; but trying to do so in a largely unpredictable economy presents a whole new set of challenges. When your district is conducting pre-referendum planning but not starting construction for two to three years, how do you build possible financial scenarios into the budget?

Bold Women Collective Expands to Year-Round Effort

The Education Market Association (EDmarket) is pleased to announce the formation of the Bold Women Collective — providing a year-round forum for connecting, sharing, and learning with other women in the education market. The Bold Women Collective allows those new to the industry to meet women in leadership, find mentors to guide them, and build a network for both friendship and potential business/partnership opportunities.

Designing Secure Schools: Engaging Student Perceptions of Safety

For school designers, it’s important to recognize that ideas of security aren’t necessarily the same as ideas of safety. By engaging students, we gain perspective on what makes them feel safe. Design that takes student feedback into consideration can intentionally create spaces that foster a perception of safety, while integrating features and systems to support security.

Impacts Of The Learning Environment On Academic Performance

Every learner possesses a unique set of skills, interests, and learning styles that require a departure from the rigid and ‘traditional’ classroom structures of the past. As we move forward, the goal is to foster learning environments where all students feel empowered, inspired, and actively engaged in their own learning process, and this will occur best by thoughtfully and purposely creating schools (or renovating existing ones) that seamlessly integrate all 4 of the primary learning modes.

Through the Lens of Trauma-Informed Design

The built environment holds immense potential to mitigate trauma. Design can address historical disparities, create safer spaces, accommodate diverse needs, and foster inclusivity. In schools specifically, where mental health concerns are rising for both students and teachers, trauma-informed design principles offer a transformative lens to reshape spaces for empowerment, security, community, and well-being.

Integrating Research and Design to Cultivate Educator Resilience

As creators of education environments, the design community can play a part in meeting teachers’ needs, supporting their resilience and wellbeing, and fostering vibrant, supportive school communities where educators can reach their full potential. By integrating research-based insight, direct experiential insight from real educators, and our expertise as designers of learning environments, school facilities can be activated as tools for attracting and retaining great teachers and promoting both educator and student success.