Redesigning Essentials Magazine for a Digital WorldWelcome to the Inaugural Web‑based Issue!

EDmarket is excited to launch this inaugural web-based issue of Essentials Magazine. We believe our reputation is defined by our published content. We also believe our success is defined by the audience we reach who utilize this information to improve their businesses, professional practices and ultimately the ability for student to learn and educators to teach.

Our new format allows us to accomplish the goal of expanding the EDmarket community by making more connections and delivering the best content available about issues related to the educational products marketplace in a more appealing and contemporary fashion.

Because Essentials is now web based, the articles and topics are searchable through Google and other search engines giving our authors an infinite platform to expose their ideas, examples and present research findings. More eyeballs mean more influence as we expand our reach and increase our footprint.

As you can see, this new format makes it easier to access desired content and to share these articles with others who might also find the information interesting or useful. Individual articles can simply be emailed, posted, printed or saved for future reference. Articles will now be archived by key topics to allow for keyword searches and easy retrieval of topical content.

And more frequent updates are now possible as news breaks or issues arise keeping the information fresh and the site vibrant and current.

Jim McGarry, EDmarket President/CEO

I would like to congratulate Adrienne Dayton, VP Communications and Education, for spearheading this effort and for over 30 years of dedication and service to the EDmarket community.

Also thank you to our advertisers who make this publication possible (please click on their ads) and our authors who share their knowledge and insight to help all of us promote a better education environment. Let us know what you think and share us with your friends. See you next issue!

Jim McGarry, EDmarket

Jim McGarry’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in manufacturing and distribution in both the commercial and education space has served the Education Market Association (EDmarket) well since 2011. As President/CEO of EDmarket, he facilitated the board’s communication of a redefined mission to connect people who want to succeed in the education market by providing events, resources, and leadership to those who serve education.