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Global Furniture Group

1200 Series Personal Lockers

Now available with metal doors for additional durability in high traffic applications. A familiar specification for educational environments, metal door lockers are also well suited to recreational and athletic facilities. Sloped tops are available to prevent items from being stacked on the top.

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Copernicus Educational Products

Bamboo Furniture

Our NEW bamboo furniture line has a natural aesthetic suited for neutral and early childhood environments. Products made of bamboo are a more sustainable choice. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and sequesters carbon, unlike steel which produces carbon.

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Dream Cube

Create a retreat for students to separate themselves from the busyness of the classroom. Spaces4Learning New Product Award Winner, the Dream Cube is perfect for reading, studying, and relaxing. Write-n-Wipe surfaces provide a space for students to work out problems or relieve stress through drawing.

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Diversified Spaces

Forward Vision with Axis

The perfect marriage of Forward Vision™ and Axis workstations! Our Forward Vision™ workstations have been a science lab staple for years, allowing four students to face the instructor for direction, then move to their individual stations. Our popular Axis tops take flexibility and mobility to a whole new level, while still providing easy access to all the tools and equipment needed for active learning spaces. Learn more today!

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Toughook USA

Individual Coat Hooks

A durable alternative to metal coat hooks. Made from an Elgin-injected plastic mold, Toughook provides a sturdier & vibrant solution to standard metal hooks. Trusted all over the world, Toughook is available in 4 sizes & 20 colors to transform any space into a safer, clutter-free area.

Diversified Spaces


Intellibench™ takes workbenches to a whole new level of performance and personalization. Whether in an active learning lab, a Tech Ed space or an industrial workspace, Intellibench™ facilitates getting the job done quickly and efficiently. More than just a bench, Intellibench™ offers easy access to power, equipment, and tools for dedicated project spaces. It’s quicker and more flexible than fixed casework, while offering much more performance and privacy than open benches. The options for creating a personalized, productive workbench are limitless with Intellibench™. Check it out today!

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LimeLite Seating

LimeLite offers a variety of styles to support learning environments, including classrooms, administrative offices, cafeterias and media centers – all while maintaining design continuity. Featuring a unique, architectural shell design, LimeLite provides inherent passive flex and contoured comfort.

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Night Lights™

The Night Lights™ carpet tile collection from Interface® is well-suited to meet the needs of educational spaces and to have a positive impact on faculty, staff and students. With six unique styles, this collection provides endless combinations through the pairing of neutral tone-on-tone bases and coordinating accent colors reflecting popular school hues. Plus, Interface designed Night Lights to easily coordinate with its entire portfolio of LVT, nora® rubber flooring and carpet tile products, offering greater design flexibility as well as all of the acoustic, maintenance and high-performance benefits of Interface carpet tiles, including clean-ability, ease of maintenance and ease of installation.

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norament pado™

norament pado™ offers a modern take on terrazzo flooring for contemporary, high-function school interiors. The collection features a mosaic-like structure with a mix of color chips embedded in rubber. Like all nora® products from Interface®, norament pado delivers high-performance, superior acoustics, ease of maintenance and stain resistance. The product’s resilience and durability make norament pado an ideal choice for education facilities, and it is available in an array of neutral and elegant or colorful and striking options that coordinate with Interface’s LVT and carpet tile styles.

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NXT MOV® Seating

NXT MOV reinvents movement seating for tomorrow’s classroom. The ground-breaking, patented design provides best in class comfort and style. The 2-part shell design enables the seat back to move independently from seat, allowing critical micro-movements in all directions. Five chair models available.

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Pirouette Height-adjustable Table

Maximize flexibility with Pirouette Height-adjustable Tables. Pirouette allows for easy adjustment of sit-to-stand and is available in pneumatic adjustable and set screw adjustable legs. The angle of the foot allows multiple fixed and height-adjustable tables to nest in a straight line.

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Ruckus Whiteboards

Ruckus whiteboards support interaction and ideation in learning or work environments. The ideal “show-and-tell” tool, they combine a dry-erase surface and a sound-absorbent surface that can display work or divide space for testing. The unique palette shape makes boards easier to handle and position.

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Schoolgirl Style

Schoolgirl Style A&D Adjustable Height Student Desk

Available in 10 different top shapes and multiple sizes the A&D Adjustable Height Student Desk provides ideal solutions for flexible classroom configurations

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Wood Designs

Sit Back Reading Shelf With Storage

Children naturally love to read and what better way to encourage it than with our easy-to-reach, double-sided Sit Back Reading Shelf! This modern children’s bookcase is perfect to get kids reading in comfort while they sit back against the memory-foam padded side and they enjoy their favorite books.

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VS America

SPACE Storage Solution from VS

The all-school storage solution, SPACE, frees classrooms from clutter and enhances teachable space. When you use this system you can remove casework, which frees up the walls for learning. This enables teachers to reconfigure their classrooms on a dime.

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Stout Table

The design and functionality of Stout tables supports STEAM learning environments. The rigid frame supports the demands of high traffic spaces and can be specified with a range of worksurfaces, peg board end panel, and a shelf or hooks to accommodate the tools necessary to support hands-on projects.

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Lesro Industries


Like the cascading Niagara, Waterfall is powerful yet soothing. Waterfall is a heavy duty, steel-framed product line offering multiple models like a standard guest, loveseat, benches, and matching tables. Chairs have the option of a leg or sled base and its generous cleanout makes cleaning easy.

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WiggleRoom Super Structure

Super Structure is a scalable post and beam system that enhances open plan areas by creating freestanding spaces for students and teachers to interact, focus independently or regenerate. Create several layouts and sizes – Super Structure can be specified to share walls for additional design freedom.

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