Unleashing the Power of Polyvision CeramicSteel: Unparalleled Quality for Engaging Learning Environments

Polyvision has been devoted to improving porcelain enamel steel markerboard and chalkboard surfaces for over 60 years. Our surfaces are of the highest quality, perfect for creating optimal learning environments. Educators and administrators have trusted our surfaces in more than 60 countries. With 25 million classrooms worldwide utilizing Polyvision CeramicSteel, our global presence is a testament to our commitment to quality.

To truly appreciate the remarkable quality of our CeramicSteel writing surfaces, it’s essential to understand the fundamental elements that define an exceptional markerboard. A careful comparison of CeramicSteel with other surfaces is essential for an informed decision. Let’s examine CeramicSteel’s attributes to make your comparisons easier!

CeramicSteel Attributes

CeramicSteel vs. glassboard

Unmatched Visibility

In any classroom, the visibility of the writing surface is paramount. Unlike surfaces with uneven or wavy finishes, such as whiteboard paint or melamine, which can distort writing or reflect light, Polyvision prioritizes smoothness and clarity.

Our markerboards deliver a legible finish that can be seen from any corner. Say goodbye to the glare and shadowed “double vision” effects associated with glass boards.

Effortless Erasability

CeramicSteel, a non-porous surface composed of inorganic material, boasts exceptional erasability.

  • The ink from dry-erase or permanent markers does not permeate the surface, eliminating “ghosting” or staining issues.
  • Dry-erase marker ink effortlessly wipes off with a dry cloth or standard eraser.
  • A solvent-based cleaner can easily remove pen ink, semi-permanent and permanent markers.

In contrast, the erasability of dry-erase markers on whiteboard paint and painted steel could be better due to their lower gloss level and uneven surfaces, exacerbated over time. Painted surfaces absorb ink, resulting in stains, and are incompatible with permanent markers. Melamine boards are notorious for staining as their porous plastic surface absorbs marker ink, making them increasingly challenging to clean over time.

Unparalleled Durability

Surface hardness, synonymous with strength and resistance to wear, defines CeramicSteel. As hard as glass, our product resists dents and breakage, ensuring longevity.

Polyvision stands behind the exceptional durability of CeramicSteel with our Forever Warranty, guaranteeing the surface for the lifespan of the building or the product, whichever comes first.

While Glassboards also provide a durable surface against scratches and chemicals, they lack the breakage resistance of CeramicSteel. Painted surfaces, including whiteboard paint and painted steel, are only as durable as the base they are applied to, making them prone to damage and stains, detracting from their professional appearance. Also, Melamine surfaces are susceptible to cracks and dents over time. At Polyvision, our surfaces undergo rigorous testing according to international standards, ensuring their durability and wear resistance in high-intensity settings.

Magnetic Capability

A functional magnetic capability is a sought-after feature for posting bulletins, announcements, and other documents. CeramicSteel’s magnetic nature is inherent in its design. Fused to steel, our vitreous enamel surface exhibits powerful magnetism. In contrast, painted whiteboard surfaces, glass boards, and melamine whiteboards require the application of paint to a magnetic surface for magnetic functionality. While magnetic capability is not the core aspect of a quality writing surface, it enhances the value and versatility of our product.

Regardless of your chosen surface, markerboards and chalkboards remain integral to the classroom environment. The kinesthetic and visual nature of whiteboard work engages users physically and mentally, facilitating enhanced learning.

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Kim Allen, Polyvision

Kim is the Director, Global Product & Marketing at Polyvision. She is a global product management and marketing leader responsible for developing and overseeing Polyvision’s product roadmap and go-to-market strategy for the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.